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Manage energy


shareNRG is an initiative by Bastiaan de Boer and Ruud Kos. Two passionate entrepreneurs who want to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy.

With great confidence in the global innovation we are building the world of tomorrow: a world with a circular economy based on renewable raw materials and energy.

Together we contribute energy and vigor to a project. We inspire each other, we keep ourselves and our partners focussed and challenge to create innovative ideas and practical solutions.

We roll up our sleeves and do what we promise. Our attitude is open and honest which we also expect from our partners. A shared passion and drive creates the energy that makes our work enjoyable.

Manage energy


Bastiaan is enthusiastic, committed and always looking for an innovative approach. With an analytical eye and out of the box mentality he inspires parties to come up with unconventional solutions. Here he leads on to maximum quality through a constructive critical eye, entrepreneurial spirit and active contribution. Bastiaan has made his mark as a project and tender manager working for various parties in the infrastructure and mobility sector, where he worked on projects from development to realization. This has given him a good insight in differing interests of stakeholders, and it is why he knows how to connect these interest in favour of the project.

Manage energy


Ruud is an optimistic and passionate person with a drive to make the impossible possible. He searches for the problem behind the problem and challenges the myths behind the impossible in relation to the latest developments and trends.
As a business developer and investment manager for a large construction company he developed complex projects focused on exploitation and sustainability. As an entrepreneur, he founded Bough Bikes, the oak wooden bicycle brand. Together with his partners he developed the company from idea through prototyping to an established brand with international sales. In shareNRG Ruud combines the strength of a startup with the structure that suits complex renewable energy projects.